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Boiler Service
Boiler Service
Boiler Service
Winchester & Roberts Ltd can maintain your boiler with a yearly service keeping it working both efficiently and safely.
Do i need my boiler serviced?
Your Gas Boiler is one of the more costly outgoings within your household, as such you need to make sure it is working properly and efficiently. A boiler service will also highlight any safety issues at the same time.
A fixed price for you.
We charge a fixed fee of £55.00 plus £10.00 per additional appliance.
(All Prices shown exclude VAT)
Failing to keep your boiler serviced.
Failure to keep your boiler serviced could result in much higher costs should it breakdown and require a call out to repair. In addition to this a 12 month service is crucial to prevent the production of poisonous exhaust fumes which can cause illness to household inhabitants.
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